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December 2, 1998
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March 29, 1999
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Homes in Historic Fairlington
Homes in Historic Fairlington
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The Fairlington Historic District
Located in Arlington County and Alexandria, Virginia
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FRAUD ALERT: Dominion Virginia Power Phone Scam
Targets Arlington County Residents

February 28, 2017 - ARLINGTON, Va. – The Arlington County Police Department is warning the public about a Dominion Virginia Power telephone scam targeting Arlington County residents. Citizens have reported receiving unsolicited phone calls from individuals fraudulently claiming to be technicians with Dominion Virginia Power. These individuals accuse the victims of having overdue bills which must be paid immediately or their electricity will be disconnected. The caller then provides a fraudulent claim number and phone number where the funds may be paid. In some cases, scammers have deliberately falsified the information transmitted to the victim’s Caller ID display to disguise their identity. Citizens should not rely on their Caller ID to verify the credibility of the call. Never provide personal information in response to unsolicited calls or if you are at all suspicious. Never use a phone number provided to you from the caller to verify their credibility. Citizens are reminded that Dominion Virginia Power does not call, text or email customers asking for their personal information. For additional fraud prevention tips related to Dominion Virginia Power, visit their website.

Posted February 28, 2017 - Click Above for More Information - ACPD Release
Report Scams to Police
If you find that you were a victim of a scam or were a target, please file an online police report. Criminals will use a variety of different phone scams and the Arlington County Police Department wants the public to remain alert so you don’t become a victim. Individuals seeking more information about fraud can visit our website or contact the Arlington County Police Department’s Financial Crimes Unit at
Posted February 28, 2017

Seeking 2017 Home and Garden Tour Homes
Saturday - May 13, 2017

The Fairlington Historical Society’s biennial Home & Garden Tour will be held on Saturday, May 13, 2017. This very popular event showcases the architecture, grounds, and the unique homes in our community. We are seeking nominations for tour locations. Since many who attend the tour are looking for renovation ideas, we are especially interested in including homes and gardens that have had major renovations. As in past tours, we hope to include at least one home from each of the Fairlington neighborhoods, with examples of each floor plan type (Braddock, Clarendon, Edgewood, etc.). The committee is also inviting neighbors who can dedicate a little time to help with planning, advertising, fundraising, and ticket sales, as well as serving as guides and helpers on the day of the tour.
If you would like to nominate a home or garden – or would like to volunteer,
please contact Patty Clark ( or 703.820.7328

Posted January 23, 2017


Historical Society Reprints
Fairlington at 50 History
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Form Can Be Completed OnLine

Posted November 20, 2012
Cover for Fairlington at 50 - Photo for Cover by Guy Land
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Everything You Need to Know

Posted September 22, 2015

SPRING 2016 Gardening By The Yard COLUMN
Check Out the 15 Varieties of Birds Visiting Tom's Garden/Patio
Updated May 25, 2016
Flowers in Tom's Garden

Tom's MID-SUMMER Garden
June 2015 Color
Posted June 15, 2015
July 2014 Color
Tom's LATE SUMMER Garden
August 2014 Color
Flowers in Tom's Garden
Hibiscus from Tom's 2016 Garden
Click on Photo for Larger Image
Posted August 23, 2016
Make Your Yard More Bird Friendly!!!
Post Your Pet's Photo!!
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New Pet Photo (Pye) Posted - June 19, 2014
What Not to Flush
Guidelines & Flyer
Caring for Our Aging Sewer System
(Posted August 10, 2015)

Free Paper Shredding Now Available! Every First Saturday
Limit of 2 standard grocery paper bags per customer.
Acceptable: Paper (staples, paper clips are ok), checks/check books
Unacceptable: Credit cards, 3-ring binders, phone book sized material
LOCATION - 4300 29th St. S. - Click Here for Details
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