Virginia Landmarks
December 2, 1998
Fairlington Historic District
National Register
March 29, 1999
Historic Designation Seal
Homes in Historic Fairlington
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Homes in Historic Fairlington
Historic Designation Seal
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Fairlington Villages
"What's Happening In all of Fairlington!"

This page is devoted to providing residents of the Fairlington Community and the general public with information about activities in each of the seven villages and the community at large.

Each village has a page of its own and has the opportunity to include newsletters, announce events, and offer any additional information believed to be of interest to residents.

Fairlington Receives Prestigious
"Test of Time" Award

From the Virginia Society, American Institute of Architects

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You may know Fairlington’s plumbing dates back to the 1940’s and pipes are made of terra cotta, unless they’ve been damaged and replaced. Here’s a reminder of what to NOT flush through the system: please, no paper towels, sanitary napkins, tampons or disposable diapers in toilets, and no raw vegetable peels, eggshells or grease in garbage disposals. These items have caused damage to the sewer system and will cause sewer backups. Also, adding sewer backup coverage to your personal homeowners insurance coverage is wise.