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December 2, 1998
Fairlington Historic District
Historic Designation
National Register
March 29, 1999
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Fairlington Celebrates Historic Designation
October 30, 1999
Group photo of official attendees at celebration (19152 bytes)
(Group photo above includes, left to right, Senator Ticer, Terry Placek, Paul Ferguson, Lorraine Drolet, Sandy Hodapp, Judith Greig, Delegate Almand, Ron Patterson, and Senator Whipple)

Photo of Congressman James P. Moran (7195 bytes)

Congressman James P. Moran (left), State Senators Patricia S. Ticer and Mary Margaret Whipple, Delegate James F. Almand, and Arlington County Board Chairman Paul W. Ferguson attended the October 30 "Volunteer Recognition and Historic Designation Celebration."

Also in attendance were Jean Federico, Director of Historic Alexandria, Joan McDermott, Chair of the Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board, Mary Ellen Henry, Chair, Historic Alexandria Resources Commission, and Patrick Andrus, Historian with the National Register of Historic Places.

The open house and reception was held between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., with the recognition ceremony taking place at 2:30 p.m.

During the recognition ceremony, an historical perspective of Fairlington's development was provided by Gail Baker (right), consultant to the Fairlington Historical Designation Committee (FHDC).

The narrative nomination document was written by Ms. Baker, who acted as consultant to the FHDC throughout the process.

This document included an architectural analysis (a description of the building types and architectural details of the buildings in Fairlington) as well as a detailed statement on the historical significance of Fairlington.

photo of Gail Baker, consultant (9979 bytes)

photo of Nancy Hunt, President, Fairlington Villages Board (8973 bytes)

All of the special guests were introduced by Fairlington Villages Board President Nancy Hunt (left) and congratulatory comments were made by Congressman Moran and Arlington County Board Chairman Ferguson.

Fairlington also received letters of congratulations from First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, Tipper Gore, Senators Charles S. Robb and John W. Warner, Governor James S. Gilmore, III, and Alexandria Mayor Kerry J. Donley. The letters can be viewed by selecting the links at the bottom of this page.

These congratulatory letters were read by Celebration Co-chairs Terry Placek and Ron Patterson, with the exception of the letter from Governor Gilmore which was read by Arlington County Board Member Mike Lane.

Ed Hilz (right), representing the Fairlington Citizens Association, recognized the work done by the eight committees and teams which labored to secure historic designation.

Ron Patterson handled the recognition of the special friends of Fairlington.

This recognition included the seven Fairlington village boards, the Fairlington Citizens Association, and individual and business supporters - all of whom lent financial assistance to the effort.

Mr Patterson noted that without this considerable help, historic designation would not have been possible.

photo of Edhilz of the Fairlington Citizens Association(13865 bytes)

photo of Judith Greig and Lorraine Drolet receiving certificates from Terry Placek and Ron Patterson (12570 bytes)

Specially designed certificates of appreciation were presented by Terry Placek (third from left) and Ron Patterson to Lorraine Drolet (far right), Chair, and to Judith Greig (far left), Co-chair, Historical Designation Committee, on behalf of the volunteers.

Retiring Chair and Co-Chair of the Historical Designation Committee Lorraine Drolet and Judith Greig, read a letter of appreciation to the assembled volunteers and guests.

Among those in attendance (see crowd photo left) was Joan McDermott (left center), Chair, Arlington County Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board.

A special guest for the event was Catherine D. Fellows (right center), author of Fairlington at 50.

Tom Burke (far right), a volunteer with the King Street-Beauregard Neighborhood Alliance, was also in attendance.

photo of attendees at celebration, including Joan McDermott, Catherine Fellows, and Tom Burke (15228 bytes)

photo of attendees at food table, including Michael Hahn and Margo Horner (12874 bytes)

A great time was had by all. Celebrants crowd around the excellent food during the Open House.

Michael Hahn (far left), President of the Fairlington Glen, joins Margo Horner, President of the Fairlington Citizens Association, at the table.

At the conclusion of the indoor ceremony, all celebrants moved outdoors for the formal unveiling of the granite memorial with the combined National Register and Virginia Landmarks plaque.

The unveiling was handled by Ms. Drolet and Ms. Greig.

Between 150 and 200 guests attended the Celebration, which was held at the North Fairlington Community Center.

Judith Greig and Lorraine Drolet unveil the plaque (17657 bytes)
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(Celebration photographs courtesy of
Official Celebration photographer Harold Reem as well as Nancy Hunt and Guy Land)