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December 2, 1998
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Gardening By The Yard
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March 29, 1999
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Photo by Guy L. Adams
Gardening by the Yard
By Tom Corbin
A Fairlington Gardener

January 2005 Gardening Tips

In spite of the teasing of the recent spring-like weather, there is little to be done in flower borders and patios during these bleak months. Except for an occasional foray outside to pick up sticks and debris, to remove some spent plant tops as weather permits, or to observe the winter patterns of nature, gardeners are pretty much "house bound"!

Of course, we have noticed that the tips of spring bulbs are slowly emerging and that some buds (especially those of maples, pussy willows, deciduous magnolias, and camellias) are swelling, holding the promise of spring.

It won’t be long before nurseries will offer the first of the spring plants – yellow blooming Mahonia, primroses, helleborus, heather, and spring pansies.  These are so tempting, and if you have a protected spot, there is no reason not to indulge!  Just make sure the plants have been “hardened off” (conditioned to withstand the cold) and are not directly from the greenhouse.

Check Out Garden Centers

Garden centers still have supplies of paper white narcissus and amaryllis bulbs to brighten the indoors.  Just follow the instructions available at the center and, voila!, in a few weeks bright blossoms!

This is the best time to plan the spring/ summer border by exploring those gardening websites that we were too busy to pursue before.  It is also a good time to read garden catalogues, many of which are free for the asking.   Even if you don’t order from catalogues, they are a good source of gardening information.

Catalogs - A Great Resource

Some good catalogue and internet sources are:

Some outside chores which can be safely completed now include:

Maymont Flower & Garden Show

The 16th annual Maymont Flower and Garden Show (Richmond, VA) will be held at the Greater Richmond Convention Center, 400 E. Marshall St. on February 24 – 27.  More information may be found at or 1-804-358-7166.  Looking for a week end day trip? This one fills the bill!

Check out the gardening feature on HGTV (Home and Garden TV) for tips and advice! You may also access the site from the Fairlington gardening page at

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Photo from Tom's Garden
Commons Resident Guy L. Adams
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Winter is Here
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Spring Planning Hint
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