Virginia Landmarks
December 2, 1998
Fairlington Historic District
Pet Photos
National Register
March 29, 1999
Historic Designation Seal
Homes in Historic Fairlington
Homes in Historic Fairlington
Historic Designation Seal

Fairlington Pets - Post Your Pet's Picture Here
My name is Pye.
I live on 36th Street.
Wave if you see me in the window.
This is Daisy.
She lives on 29th St. S.
She's an old girl, 14, but still
spunky and loves her back porch.
Hello, My name is Sophie and I partied at my birthday party on South Dinwiddie Street!
Hello Fairlington Friends!
Maggie and Ruby here, keeping the squirrels in line on South Stafford Street.
Meet our pet, Angel.
She believes her purpose on earth
is to love and be loved.
This is Natasha - 16 Years in the Arbor.
She lives on 36th St. S.
Her job is to inspect you
as you move into her neighborhood.

Hi, I'm Owen.
When I'm not chasing waves,
I spread Labrador good will on South Stafford Street.
Momo is my name.
I live on South Stafford.
I bark and howl for fun.
Everyone adores me.

Yes, I'm Thor; AND,
Yes, I'm a Black Lab; AND,
Yes, this is a Stick!!
I Reside on S. Buchanan.

Hi! I'm Mr. Ainsley.
I am Very Important on
South Wakefield Street.
Just Ask Anyone!!!

Harry and Frankie
Party’s at Our House on S. Buchanan!
Catnip, Tuna, and Fuzzy Balls Provided.
Lady kitties Especially Welcome!

Hi! We're Cosmic & Sera.
We Keep Track of Squirrels
On S. Columbus St.

Paddington's My Name
And Smiling's My Game.
I Live on 34th Street.

I'm Sammi.
My Owners Live on 34th Street.
And Yes, I know I'm not supposed to be on the stove. Sue me!!

Hi - I'm Sadie.
I had a Fun Time at the Beach
This Summer.
I Live on South Stafford Street.

Buster is My Name,
Lounging is My Game!
My Home is on South Stafford.

Three Super Pet Videos - Enjoy!!!

Not a Fairlington Dog,
But So Cute!!!

Sad Cat
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