Virginia Landmarks
December 2, 1998
Fairlington Historic District
Historic Markers Installed
National Register
March 29, 1999
Historic Designation Seal
Homes in Historic Fairlington
Homes in Historic Fairlington
Historic Designation Seal

Arlington County Installs Historic Marker
Fairlington Adds Historic Designation Plaques

(Page Added September 29, 2000)

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Quaker Lane Location
Arlington County recently installed Fairlington's newest historic marker - located at the corner of Quaker Lane and 32nd Road. Our sincere thanks to the County, to Sandy Hodapp and to Dale Waters, who recently retired from his position of Historic Preservation Coordinator for Arlington County.
Added February 18, 2000
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Wording on the Arlington County Plaque

Designed in the Colonial Revival style by Kenneth Franzheim and Alan B. Mills and constructed between 1942 and 1944, Fairlington is an early example of successful community planning and large-scale, publicly financed rental housing built for defense workers and their families during World War II. With 3,439 garden apartments, Fairlington was the largest project financed by Defense Homes Corporation (a component of the National Housing Agency) and the nationís largest apartment complex at that time. The units were renovated and sold as condominiums between 1972 and 1977. The name Fairlington combines Fairfax and Arlington, the counties in which the project was located.

Fairlington Plaques Put In Place

National Trust/Virginia Landmarks Joint Bronze Plaque (11943 bytes)
Joint Plaque - Here is the wording on the plaque installed on a granite monument. This plaque represents both National Register and Virginia Landmarks designations for Fairlington.
Added October 22, 1999
Easy does it!!! - Kline Memorial worker carefully guides the granite into place. The joint National Register and Virginia Landmarks plaque, afixed to a granite block, was lowered into its resting place by Kline Memorials workers on Friday, October 22. The site is still under construction and will be completed in time for a formal unveiling at the October 30 celebration!!!
Added October 22, 1999
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Now Installed - Our combined National Register and Virginia Landmarks Register plaques were installed on Fairlington's brick entry walls on Friday, October 1 as scheduled. Go take a look. They are terrific.
Added October 2, 1999
Close-Up!!! - Here is what the plaque looks like close-up. They have been placed to the right of and slightly above the letters "Fairlington" (in South Fairlington) and on the two columns next to the letters "Fairlington Villages" (in North Fairlington).
Added October 2, 1999
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Step By Step

The plaques are here!!! - The bronze plaques for our neighborhood brick walls (at entry streets) and for the granite marker have arrived and were displayed for invited Committee members and Board Presidents at Sandy Hodapp's home on Sunday, September 12. The Committee is extremely pleased with the quality of the plaques, produced by Erie Landmark in Chantilly, Virginia. The installation of the oval plaques will proceed on schedule (October 1, 1999). Committee members delivered the rectangular plaque (combined National Register and Virginia Landmarks plaque) to Kline Memorials in Manassas, Virginia for attaching to the granite marker to be installed next to the North Fairlington Community Center. Projected installation date for this marker is October 22, with a formal unveiling at the October 30 Celebration. Added September 24, 1999

Fairlington Boards Approve Plaque Locations - Plaques Ordered - All Fairlington Boards and the Fairlington Citizens Association have approved the locations for the National Register and Virginia Landmark plaques. The Fairlington Historic District Association is proud to announce that the plaques have been ordered and are scheduled for installation on October 1, 1999.

The red brick "Fairlington" neighborhood walls on Quaker Lane and King Street will display a 15 inch by 12 inch oval bronze marker with the following wording: "Historic District - National Register and Virginia Landmark". The specific locations of these markers will be at (1) 32nd Rd at Quaker Lane, (2) 36th St at Quaker Lane, (3) South Wakefield at King Street, and (4) 30th St at King Street. Still to be determined is the date for the installation of the Arlington County Marker which will be located on Quaker Lane at 32nd Rd.

In addition, a rectangular bronze 16 inch by 11 inch plaque will be displayed on a pedestal in the triangular park on S. Abingdon Street between the North Fairlington Community Center and the Management Office. This plaque will include both the National Register and the Virginia Landmarks Register plaques in a single bronze combination plaque. Added August 30, 1999

Installed Plaque at Wakefield and King Streets

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"A Job Well Done"

The installer from Erie Landmark poses next to the combined National Register and Virginia Landmarks Register plaque installed on the brick wall at Wakefield and King streets. Plaques were installed at three other entry locations throughout Fairlington.

"One Step At A Time"

Workers from Kline Memorials prepare to install the joint National Register and Virginia Landmarks Register plaque at the designated site next to the North Fairlington Community Center.

Lowering the Granite Monument for the Joint Plaque

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